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Why help Japan after the earthquake?

Didn't they bomb Pearl Harbor, torture POWs

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    That's true, but that was 65 years ago and people change, cultures change, and they were led by a vicious ruler but i'd like to point out another similar story you may remember from school. The white man came to America and killed as many american indians as they could and why? Because they could. When they got to the New York Area, they conned one tribe of Indians out of an Island there you now know as Manhattan for the price of one necklace of cheap beads. I mention that to mention this point. America, a place i love more than anything, is great at making promises it has no intention of keeping. They did it to Russia, to Japan, and probably also in Afghanistan as well. They make broad sweeping huge promises that they will return and help and yet they never do of course or seldom do. It's all just flatulence. When Haiti had its earthquake, Bill Clinton went down there and said on live TV I will stay here until Haiti is rebuilt, I promised you that. LOL, very typical. They rebuilt nothing, its been years now, and its just more hot air. Country's put all their hopes and dreams on a persons word and most of us are brought up to always keep our word, or our word is our bond and they instead are listening to solid lie after lie after lie. There is another saying "never take away someones hope, it may be all they have left> Well the gov loves to do exactly that and it gets people, and a whole nation very upset and war begins as a form of protest against a tyrannical government spreading lies , disease, and distrust every where they show up and push their weight around in other people countries. does that make our Gov. wrong, does it make Japan or Russia or Afghanistan right? no, it all basically sucks. But the Japan of today loves Americans and have found out "WE" are not our government anymore than "they" are their government either. In truth, most wars are a form of "population control" anyway. We go looking for what causes wars, but there is always a hidden agenda which is just keeping over population growth down and war is a great way to get that job done. If you don't believe it, then read Agenda 21, drawn up by the United Nations which speaks of environmental sustainability. What does that mean? It means, how many people can be on earth that the earth can sustain us, without us being too many people and hurting the earth due to over population. America started the eugenics program back in the 1920's to get to the point that only "perfect" people should be allowed to breed and have children. And here in MY STATE of North Carolina, they took young girls out of school without parental permission and told them they were going to a clinic for a check up, but instead they were taken in and sterilized so they could never have children. They were sterilized because they were either black, or they had a grade of less than a C on their report card, and the government deemed they should not have children because they were not perfect enough. don't believe it? Well it happened, and they now grown up victims of our government recently sued this state for that and won. Wrong year to do that, now NOrth Carolina budget is also broke like most states these days, and they can't pay the bill. If you see a chance to help a people from starvation, or earthquakes, tornadoes or whatever then you help them. This promotes peace so we can stay out of constant wars. If a major catastrophe hit this country, we would hope other countries would come to our aid because our government, as you can see from Katrina, just won't be showing up and when they eventually do, they won't be bringing any aide that helps anything anyway. When you give to others, its like putting a huge band aide over a very old wound and that's always good. Or you can do the other thing and promise them a string of cheap glass necklace and just not give it to them. Are you part of the problem or part of the solution? You only get to be one or the other in life.

    Source(s): eugenics movement, war with Japan, false flags, false promises, decievers, founding of america, the purchase of Manhattan Island.
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    Yes your right but they did not bomb us they bombed the American fleet and though they may have tortured people the allied forces were not exactly lily white in that regard.

    If we all harked back to the mistakes of the past there would be no united nations and most nations would still be at war with each other to some degree the past is the past its time to move on and try to make sure that it does not happen again not only for our sake but for the sake of future generations.

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    Yes they did and paid dearly for doing so by the dropping of 2 atom bombs. The people of Japan are a different generation and to deny them help after the devastating earthquake they suffered would be an act of extreme inhumanity

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