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New grain free dog food?

So I recently decided to change my dogs food from Wellness brand to a more natural and healthy food. I found a food made by the brand "Annamaet" that is called "Aqualuck grain free" and she really likes it.

Does anyone here have any experience with the brand Annamaet?


Jennifer, I found out there was a recall for Wellness brand cat food. Although it wasn't the dog food that was recalled I still don't trust any brand who has any recall of any type. I also found that although Wellness is supposed to help with skin issues that she was still getting hot spots and being itchy. We're going to try Aqualuck (which has Salmon, Catfish, and Herring in it) for a while to see how that works out.

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    I have never heard of this dog food. I stopped feeding my dog, dog food because dog food sucks all of it. They make it with meat, veggies and grain that isn't suitable for human consumption. What better way to know what your dog eats then to make it yourself. My shih tzu food is made from 2 parts meat ( chicken, turkey or fish ), 1 part veggie and 1 part rice or noodles and he is the healthiest he's ever been, no tear stains or itchy skin.

  • Never heard of it...

    I feed Orijen.

    What did you not like about the Wellness.

    EDIT: Ahh I see. Look carefully at what the recall was for. Sometimes they are voluntary recalls and aren't due to dogs getting sick from the food. For example, Orijen was recalled in Australia due to high levels of radiation....but the Australian government was requiring the food to be irradiated upon importation to Aus. So Orijen recalled it and it is no longer sold there.

    I found the Annamaet food on but not the grain free formula you are referring to.

    My dog didn't do great on the Wellness. He still had the runs. THe Orijen was the only thing that worked for all 3 of my dogs.

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    Orijen is good too. If every dog could be fed a grain free diet, there would be far healthier dogs and far fewer vet bills in the world. I do not know yet about Annamaet, as a brand, but if it is truly grain-free, and doesn't fill the food with other additives, then you've found a keeper that your dog loves.

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    I agree that puppies are traditionally carnivores and that grains aren't relatively suitable with their digestive method. BUT, I used to take through GSDs blackberry identifying with me and it used to be a hoot to look at them cautiously strip the berries proper off the vines! They have been very cautious to not get caught through the thorns. No one taught them to try this - however they cherished the berries. They could additionally consume one of the most apples that fell from the bushes. So they'll consume, or even search out, matters as opposed to meat - every so often - however I feed my puppies Wellness and by no means purchase puppy meals from a grocery retailer. Why - on account that I do not love to spend money on grains which might be inexpensive while in comparison to meat. That "inexpensive" puppy meals you talk approximately, ISN'T, whilst you don't forget what you are getting to your cash, and that you simply puppy has to consume extra to reap the identical dietary significance as is provided in much less of the "well stuff."

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    I have never heard of it. I use Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diets (L.I.D) Duck and Potato

    It is grain free and my dogs love it.

    I have Yorkshire Terriers that I show and raise litters from occasionally.

    Their hair is even lots better :)

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    Please check into feeding your dog like the carnivore it is. Potato starches and other "grain substitutes" are NOT the way to go.

    Please read: WORK WONDERS by Dr. Tom Lonsdale.

    Save yourself BIG bucks and vet expenses by feeding your carnivores correctly. Simple and easy to do.

    HTH, aussieaddict

    Source(s): 13 years of experience with my Pack
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