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Sunny asked in Food & DrinkEntertaining · 10 years ago

Are chicken wings on the grill enough for a "main dish" at a party, along with other side dishes?

My husband and I are having a Memorial Day party at our house, and my husband is going to grill up a bunch of chicken wings on the grill, and then I'm planning on making a bunch of side dishes, like baked beans, pasta salad, etc etc. Some of our friends are going to bring a dish to pass as well. Are the wings good enough for the main dish, or do we need more meat?

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    10 years ago
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    My family used to make chicken wings with the grill but there was always more meat, Grilled chicken wings are very tasty in my opinion but you will need many per person to actually consider it a meal, just like some restaurants which serve chicken wings as main dishes they serve at least 8-12 wings per dish. So i would say if you bought that many could work if not there is always the option of adding some chicken breasts or legs to complete it.

    Have a nice grill!

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    If it was thighs or breasts or even legs and wings the chicken would be enough but wings are not very filling unless you have a bazillion of them. I would have some brats, hot dogs, burgers, ribs, kabobs, pork chops, ham, a cheaper cut of steak, or even just lunch meat sandwiches like ham or turkey also. Plus people just like having options. My mom is having a BBQ also and I think she is doing BBQ chicken thighs, ribs, and grilled pork chops and then Peanut butter and jelly and hot dogs for the little kids plus like all the side dishes like you mentioned...potato salad, deviled eggs, baked beans, mac n cheese, chips, watermelon, roasted corn on the cob, angel food cake, cheese cubes, vegetables, and chips and home made salsa...maybe more I am not sure...but she is still having like lots of meat choices. We are having like 35 people or something though.

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    Sounds awesome the wings with your side dishes plus what every one else will bring sounds sufficient.if you want to make meatballs,hamburgers or ribs that's up to you!

  • 10 years ago

    i guess it depends what you do with the wings

    if you have a couple different types, like buffalo and teriyaki... then sure

    but if you plan on doing one type, you might want to grill something else for anyone who isn't happy. maybe some bratwurst or something similar.

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