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derclaration letter ghana?

is need leave ghana to travel to amercia for a woman

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  • 1 decade ago
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    100% SCAM

    The ONLY thing anyone needs to leave Ghana is a passport, a plane ticket and a visa for the country they are travelling to (if required). There is no Declaration Letter - that's the sign of a scam and has been reported

    Even the Director of Immigration for the Ghanaian government has a fraud warning about this fake letter of declaration on their website

    This site shows what a fake declaration letter looks like

    Did you actually check with the US Embassy in Ghana to see if this person was even granted a visa? Because Ghana is the capital of online romance scams and it's almost impossible for a Ghanaian to get a visa to the US, especially an unmarried woman. If you have ever sent this person money there is NO way she would get a visa as that shows she is not financially independent. A Ghanaian needs to be in full time legal employment earning at least $1000/month which would put them in the top 5% of earners in the country. is all about romance scams which you are caught up in if anyone asked for a declaration letter, basic travel allowance (BTA) or anything else

    A call or email to the Embassy will confirm that a) this person has never even applied for a visa; b) has never been granted a visa to the US; and c) does not need anything called a declaration letter

    You need to immediately cut off ALL contact with this person and if you have been gullible enough to give personal details like your full name, birthdate, home address or any other personal info you need to contact your local police for advice as you are potentially the victim of identity theft.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


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