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Anonymous asked in 社會及文化語言 · 9 years ago


My job is a JUSCO supermarket part time cashier, although I had never the idea that I would become a cashier in half years of my life, but nowadays, I must to stand on this part time job for my study. I like my job for the reason that it has led me to choose this occupation, because the workplace is quite near my home. No more rushing to catch a morning bus, no more anxiety to please boss. There is about my job duties, carry out the accounting (receives the money??), has the sense of responsibility, good customer service, without authorization to communicate with customer and pack commodities. There is something about my job which t don’t like very much. For example, I must wear more uniform to work and the commodities very heavy often to hurt my injured. There are difficulties to describe. Although, being a supermarket cashier, it has its advantages and disadvantages. In my opinion, a supermarket cashier is training, increase my confidence and active. But , I will decided on a supermarket cashier is brief career.









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  • Nancy
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    9 years ago
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    My job is a JUSCO supermarket part time cashier,(這是什麼?) I have never thought about that I would become a cashier in my life.(你現在幾歲?) But I have to apply the job because I need it to support my study.

    2011-05-20 10:36:30 補充:

    (承接第一段)There is another reason that I like the job because it's quite near my house. I don't have to rush to catch a bus every morning.


    Although I need this job, there are some points that I don't like it. First, I don't like to wear the uniform.

    2011-05-20 10:37:24 補充:

    Second, sometimes the goods are too heavy that I'll get injured. It's so painful that I don't know how to decsribe it.

    There are advantages and disadvantages to be a supermarket cashier. I can be trained and learn something from this job, and it can increase my confidence.

    2011-05-20 10:37:38 補充:

    I will be more active as well. But I still decide that it 'll be a short-term job to be a supermarket cashier.(你確定要寫最後一句話嗎?你是要還是不要這工作啊!)

    2011-05-20 20:05:20 補充:

    重寫第一段和第二段,第三段從Although I need this job,... 我就不修了。

    2011-05-20 20:08:45 補充:

    I'm a part-time cashier in JUSCO Supermarket. I've never thought about that I would become a cashier. But so far, I have worked in this place for half a year. I like to work here because I need it to support my study, and the supermarket is quit near my house.

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    My duties are being a cashier in the counter, have a good customer service and pack the goods for customers.

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    I don't have to rush to catch a bus every morning.

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