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以上,麻煩大家了! 請真的不要用翻譯軟體唷 謝謝^^


TO 意見欄的西瓜


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    I am so glad to receive your letter/mail and pictures. You daughter looks sweet and healthy, she must be a peach to everyone who knows you.

    I believe in that in everyone's life, it must have someone who's been very special and meaningful existed, no matter it's a friend, family, or a lover. I know there's always a good woman who has been very supportive in the back of a successful man. I believe one day you will eventually meet your soulmate and live happily forever. So, please, for you and your daughter's sake, don't give up no matter what will happen. I believe God is listening what we are praying, and God will help us to get what we are seeking.

    I am aware of that the distance will not affect the progress of friendship and relationship,but the communication of different languages will be my big obstacle. It's just like I said to you before, my English is not good. Although I have learnt it a lot when I were in college, during the time, I also have done a lot of English reports. But all those contents of reports were been well arranged and practiced in advance, and the most important thing was they have been helped by my teachers and classmates. Therefore, it's difficult to me to talk to people in English, I am afraid of that you might not understand what I say, and vice versa, I can't catch what you say. I am worried that I might make a big joke because of that. So, it's not a good idea we talk on the phone, please forget me on my cowerness and inefficiency.I think I should keep working on improving my English ability, maybe one day, I can talk to you naturally.

    Hope you will be safe and smooth while you are taking the work this time, and also to find the joy from the work. Enclosed some pictures with this letter/mail, hope you like them.

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  • 9 years ago

    Dear Mr branch

    Very pleased to receive your letter and photo, your daughter looks very sweet and healthy, I believe she should be everyone's favorite.

    I believe that everyone will have some special people in your life, whether it is friendship, affection or love. I know a success men of behind always need a support he of woman, while, I believe you must can found that a you heart ideal of partner, and you will together had with happiness happy of days, so regardless of how please not light statements abandoned, to you also to you of daughter; I believe God will heard we heart prayer of sound, and help we looking for to we wants to of things.

    I know distance and does not effect a friendship or love of development, but language Shang of communication may is I maximum of obstacles, on like I with you said of, I of English does not good; even in University of when I learn has many of English, and also do had many of English report and so on, but that is because all of content are is is first arrangements good and exercises had of, important of is also has teacher and the students of help. Therefore to dialogue with someone for me I still have difficulty, I fear that you will understand my English, I can't immediately see what you mean, I think I will be a big joke! So, to contact by telephone is not so ideal to me, please forgive my cowardice and lack of I think I should continue to strengthen my English, maybe one day I can natural dialogue with you.

    Hope you can smoothly safe in this work, and be happy. Herewith some pictures, hope you like it.

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  • 9 years ago

    懶得翻 不過 回答翻的...不太行


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  • 9 years ago

    Dear Mr. Branch

    Very pleased to receive your letter and photos, your daughter looks very sweet and healthy, I believe she should be very popular with everyone's favorite.

    I believe every life, there will be some special people, whether friends, family or love. I know a successful man always needs a woman to support him at the same time, I'm sure you can find that one perfect partner in your heart, then you will live happily together, so please do not lightly no matter how Give up, for you and for your daughter; I believe God will hear the voice of our hearts to pray, and to help us find what we want.

    I know the distance and will not affect the development of a friendship or love, but the language of communication may be my biggest obstacle, just as I told you, my English is not good; even when I learned in college A lot of English, but also made ​​many of the English reports, etc., but that is because all the content is arranged and practiced before, the important thing is there to help teachers and students. Therefore, dialogue should be and a person is still difficult for me, and I worried that you would not understand my English, I can not immediately understand what you mean, so that I think I will cause great joke! So, over the phone to contact for me is not so good, please forgive my timid and inadequate; I think I should continue to improve my English, maybe one day I can be natural and talk to you.

    I hope you work in the smooth peace, and be happy. Enclose some photos, I hope you'll like it.

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