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麻煩各位了!!麻煩幫我把下面這段文章翻譯成英文,我英文課報告要用!非常急!!謝謝!!感激不盡! 我想要報告的主題是為什麼韓劇這麼紅?打開電視,就會看到許多頻道在當紅時段播放著強檔韓劇,甚至在黃金廣告時段不斷地放送著即將上映的韓劇廣告,韓劇在台灣真的很紅!相信各位一定都忘不了冬季戀歌.大長今…等,這些曾風靡一時的韓劇,讓許多少女至家庭主婦都為之深深著迷!到底韓劇有什麼魔力呢?我歸納了以下兩點原因,首先,韓劇演員幾乎男演員帥氣.女演員漂亮!在視覺上就帶給觀眾一大享受!!第二,韓劇不會像本土劇拖戲,韓劇幾乎都20集就完結篇,描述家庭倫理的韓劇最多也四五十集就結束!戲劇的長度都會拿捏得剛剛好!!綜合以上兩點就可以知道韓劇之所以會紅不是沒有道理的!!

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    Turn on the TV, you will see a lot of channels in the popular Korean drama thing as playing time, even in prime time ads run continuously with the upcoming Korean advertisements in Taiwan is really popular Korean dramas! I am sure you will never forget Winter Sonata. ... Dae Jang Geum, etc. These were all the rage in the drama, so many girls to housewives whom are fascinated! What magic drama in the end? I summarized the following two reasons, first of all, Korean actor, actress almost handsome. beautiful actress! visually a great enjoyment to the audience!! Second, the drama will not be as Drag the local theater scene, almost all 20 episodes of drama on the final book, describes the Korean family ethics at most four or five sets to end! theater will be just the right length was just right!! above two points to be aware of the drama So it is not unreasonable red!!

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