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新婚適應 1咖啡廳裡 :請幫我翻譯成英文,謝謝! (匿名)


新婚適應 咖啡廳裡 Sue:hi, 妳好Mary: :)Sue:Mary。。。。民國百年是結婚好日子!不少藝人都在今年成家了!妳也打算在今年結婚嗎?Mary:我已經結完了呀!Sue:哈,什麼時候結的呀?Mary:3/1Sue:今年嗎?Mary:恩Sue:恭喜!Sue:妳們有和父母住嗎?Mary:有呀Sue:在妳家還是在他家? Mary:當然他加呀Mary:怎可能我家Sue:呵呵,因為也有不少朋友是住女方家Mary:喔Sue:恩,,,,覺得住他家還習慣嗎?Mary:習慣是可以 只是 總是很多 不適應Mary:生長環境不同 很多觀念 還是不同Sue:怎麼說? 例如那些觀念?Mary:生活上種種Mary:一時很難細說Sue:呵,剛開始,可能有過渡期Mary:那個不是過渡期Mary:那是不可能改變Mary:因為 環境不同Mary:總是只有一方 在忍耐 而已

Mary:令我覺得這社會不公平Mary:因為 男生可以 具續在家裡生活Mary:女生確得 在30年的習慣 一夕肩 要全部 去適應別人家生活Mary:這是個不成文的陋習Sue:哦,他家裡有多少位成員?Mary:爸媽 哥哥 大嫂 姪女 姪兒Mary:總共除了我們 還有6人Sue:恩恩Sue:在這一代,妳可能是年紀最小的,又是對環境最漠生的Mary:跟他哥 大嫂 都大我七到八歲Mary:唉 觀念落差很大



Mary:反正就很多問題 Sue:我一位表妹當年也有和妳一樣的處境,住在夫家。表妹結婚時,我也很關心她的情況,還好,她都已經走出來,適應環境了。Mary:我是一定會搬出去的Mary:只是 看多久Mary:因為 他哥小孩 長大 也不可能 都住在一起Sue:Mary,我很同情妳,現在是住在台中市,還是台中縣呢?Mary:台中市Sue:台中縣的房子便宜很多,努力個幾年,和老公努力幾年,就可以一起搬出來了,希望有一天妳可以快樂起來Mary:恩,謝謝妳

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    Adapting to newly married life

    In coffee shop

    S: Hi, how are you

    M: :)

    S: It's 100 years according to the Chinese calendar, a lot of celebrities are getting married, are you planning to get married this year?

    M: I'm already married.

    S : Ha? when did you get married?

    Mary: 1st March

    S: This year?

    M: Yes

    S: Congratulations.

    S: Are you living with your parents?

    M: Yes

    S: Are you living at your place or your husband's place?

    M: His place of course.

    M: How can we live at my place

    S: Because a lot of friends still live at the girl's place after the marriage

    M: oh

    S: Mm..are you used to living at his place?

    M: Its ok, but theres a lot of things i need to get used to

    M: We both grew up in different houses, we will obviously have different views on different things

    S: Which point of view? for instance?

    M: The way of living and sorts

    M: Its difficult to explain in details

    S: Hah! you guys just started. This is just a transition period

    M: That is not transition period

    M: That lifestyle will never change

    M: Because we come from different background and surroundings

    M: Its always one side tolerating the other

    M: I feel as if this society is so unfair

    M: Because men get to continue living at his own house

    M: While women have to give up 30 years of accustomed life and then get used to lifestyle of others

    M: This is such an inadequate custom

    S: Oh, how many people are there in his house?

    M: Dad, Mom, elder brother, sister in law, nephew and niece

    M: Other than us, there are 6 people

    S: ok

    S: So according to generation, you are the youngest and most unfamiliar with the surroundings

    M: His elder brother and sister in law are at least 7 to 8 years older than me.

    M: Sigh, a big variation is concepts

    S: You are right. The husband's elder and sister in law living in the same house. He will care less about you

    M: Yes

    M: Bottom line is theres lots of problems

    S: I have a cousin sister who was in the same situation as you. I was very concerned about when she got married. But now she already moved out and used to new surroundings

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    M: I will definitely move out one day

    M: I just need sometime

    M: Because his brother's kids will grow up, we cannot live together.

    Sue: Mary, I feel sorry for you,are you living in Taichung city or Taichung county?

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    M: Taichung city

    S: The houses in Taichung County are much cheaper.Work hard with your husband for a couple of years,then you can move out.Hope you will be happy one day.

    M: ok, Thank you.

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