I have this thing for guys with green eyes, strange? ?

Well i have this thing for guys with green eyes although most of my previous boyfriends have blue eyes and i have accttually never been out witha guy with green eyes. There is this famous guy i REALLY like and he has green eyes, i would marry him in to seconds, But do i acctually like him? or just his eyes? Helppp. I feell strangE.

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    9 years ago
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    It's more like lust. My friend is in 'love' with this boy who has a really crappy personality but has amazing green eyes. His eyes are composed of so many different greens with a nuance of blue. They're quite stunning.

    I always find my friend talking about his eyes but never him. You can't really have a crush on someone because of their eye color. You think you like them but, really, it's just lust.

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