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Questions about Andre Agassi?

I'm doing an interview about Andre Agassi for english. My teacher gave us all intreview questions, and i answered all but a couple.

What historical figure is most associated with Andre Agassi?

What was his lowest depth of misery?

What is his most marked characteristic?

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    Agassi was mostly inspired by Nelson Mandela. They even met, once

    Lowest depth was definately when he used illegal drugs during his career as his ranking dropped below 100

    Marked characteristics: Kinda tough...I gotta go with his wholeness and how genuine of a person he is. He is also selfless. Andre created a school for underprivelaged children

    Source(s): "Open" - Andre Agassi's autobiography
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    I would argue that the historical figure most associated with Andre Agassi is his greatest rival, Pete Sampras.

    His lowest depth of misery I would say would be when he tested positive for using methamphetamine in 1997. It was apparently a pretty low period in his life.

    His most marked characteristic would be his hair and clothing in the early days. In later years, it would probably be the fact that he was bald and the way he always blew a kiss to the crowd at all four sides of the court.

    Andre's autobiography might be of use to you. You might be able to borrow it from a library if you don't want to buy it.

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    He was born and raised in Las Vegas in 1970. Most people know his lowest depth of misery is meths but even before that is he was ashamed of having black hair and so he have died it so many time blonde. notice his eyebrows. I also got beat by him in the 12 and under division in inter-mountain in Boise Idaho. 6-2, 6-2 but that was before I could pronounce his name and became popular. he is a nice sensitive gentlemen and humble guy. he does not have any arrogance and does not act like a jock. Believe me My sister and i been around him. he is well behaved. he is also charming and genuine. Talking to him he was a smart kid and mature at the agee10.

    Source(s): ALso lost to him in the SEIdaho open 6-0, 6-0 in Pocatello, Idaho.
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