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Driver license question?Arkansas.?

I've hady permit for ten months now. Just the paper one not the hard coy permit or whatever. I passed my driving test today and im 16. They told me I can go get my license now. Will I get a the hard copy permit the learners license is what I think it's called. Or will I've able to get my intermediate license. Will I have to wait until my permit expired again or can I go ahead and drive alone if I get my license? I live in the state of arkansas. Thanks in advance.

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    you can get your license now @ the DMV, and will be able to drive alone. Congrats!

    Source(s): I live in Arkansas.
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    it easily relies upon on the rustic or state. In British English, they are asserting "driving licence". in the U. S., we usually say "driving force's license", however the 1st rate version in some states is "driving force license". purely seem on the front of your license and notice what it says. it incredibly is the 1st rate version on your state.

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