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Sex in forest preserves in IL?

Anybody every voyeur couples having sex at Busse Woods or any other forest preserves in the Northwest Suburbs of IL? I've heard the stores of couples doing it in their car for show or in the woods or clearings. Anybody know if it still goes on? Or when and where to go to check it out.

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    You definitely need to get a new hobby.

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    Joanie, the land now general as Potawatomi Woods as quickly as belonged to William Kirk, pioneer to the section and individual for whom the Village of Kirkland replaced into named. Later the land replaced into owned through John MacQueen who operated the Kirkland inventory Yards interior the early 1900s. i think it replaced into interior the Nineteen Twenties that MacQueen donated the land to the Boy Scouts of us of a of america whose employer outfitted all the previous homes out at Potawatomi Woods. It replaced into general as a results of fact the Boy Scout Camp till with reference to the Eighties.

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