Got a cut while working on car?


I was working in my class on a engine and while trying to take this hard screw off i hit another part of the engine and just cut my thumb. Nothing extremely bad cut just a minor cut, after about 5-10 min later i recognized that i cut myself. There was very little blood coming out and i had car oil and grease like on a car engine. Seconds later when i seen that cut myself i washed my hands and had to go the nurse (lol) and used anti-bacterial soap. I know that having all that crap from a car on a cut is not good for and could kill you. But would their be any signs of anything that i would see if it got life threatening? I do get very scared about the littlest things, so please try not to freak me out if you don't know. Thanks ;)

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    9 years ago
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    I was a mechanic and i used to cut myself while working on cars. I never got any life threatening cuts. Relax you will be fine.

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  • 3 years ago

    Sound such as you have a electric powered subject.An erratic tach and indicator lights furnishings furnishings flashing are signs and indicators and indicators that the PCM (vehicle's computing device) isn't getting sufficient voltage to function precise. optimal vehicle desktops require a minimum of 10 volts to artwork. Any much less and unusual stuff takes place. i ought to learn the alternator to insure that it particularly is charging precise. Battery voltage must be approximately 14 volts if the alternator is working.

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