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Is tap water the same as fresh tank water?

I got a goldfish not too long ago from winning a competition at my school.

It seems to be fairly small (and I named it Finn :D)

I'm not sure whether or not to use tap water to replace the original water I got it with.

Is tap water ok? Are they the same as freshwater?

If not, what alternatives should I use to provide the fish water??

And another question if you don't mind. You don't need to answer it, but I don't want to waste another 5 points.

What does goldfish eat, other than fish food? I've asked my friends what to feed it; they all said to buy fish food. I don't have the time to do that; and it might die without food!!

Thanks in advance.

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  • Aaron
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    9 years ago
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    Tap water isn't exactly the same as tank water. Tap water has chemicals added to it to kill bacteria and microorganisms so that it's safe for you to drink. To make tap water safe for your fish, you need to know which chemicals are used. You can find out by calling, or having your parents call, the water company from which you get your water. If they use chlorine, you have to let the water sit out uncovered for at least 24 hours for the chlorine to evaporate. If they use chloramine, you need a water conditioner that will make the chemical safe. You can get this at any pet store that sells fish supplies.

    There's plenty that a goldfish can eat other than fish food. They'll eat any vegetables that are soft enough like boiled peas with the outer skin taken off, or tiny bits of lettuce. They also like pieces of oranges. You could also look around for standing water to see if you can find mosquito larvae. Just make sure the water is from an unpolluted source. You can make your own mosquito breeder by using a small container with a little rainwater and a few leaves on the bottom and set it outside. But you should get some fish food for it as well, since commercial food has added vitamins for health.

    I hope you have a good tank for your fish. He may still be small now, but you'd be surprised at how fast a goldfish will grow. And some can get to well over a foot long. You can easily spend more for a good home for your fish - tank, filter, lighting - than the fish itself! If you can't provide at least a 30 gallon tank within a year, do you have any friends or relatives with a pond where you could keep your fish, and still get to visit? That's something you might want to think about.

  • Ganal
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    Tap water is fine but you need to remove the chlorine from it first. A water conditioner will do this. If you cannot get that leaving water out over night is ok as is boiling the water.

    The main diet for an aquarium fish should be fish food but you can also feed them peas, zucchini, oranges, etc.

    Fish can go a couple days without food but your main problem is what you are keeping the fish in. Goldfish are huge waste producers and grow massive (6-18+ inches long). They need 20-75+ gallons and double filtration.

    Source(s): I have a 2000 gallon pond with 11 goldfish
  • Ysbeth
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    Thre is nothing in your kitchen that you can substitute for goldfish food and you need water conditioner to make your water safe for your goldfish. You will also need a very large tank very soon. If you don't find the time to get these things your goldfish will not survive.

    Tell the principal of your school that it is very cruel to give you a pet that you can't take care of as a prize. Cruel to you and the fish.

  • 9 years ago

    Get a decent sized tank and also get water conditioner asap! The water conditioner will eliminate the chlorine in tap water making it safe for Finn. Also keep in mind that you need to get an aquarium filter if it doesn't come included with the aquarium.

    Here's a few good aquariums at a reasonable price:



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  • 9 years ago

    tap water is fresh water

    you need fish food

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