for people who use touch screen phone...?

what model u r using ryte now? u love it? why? i want to buy a touch screen phone but dont know which phone to buy. i prefer a basic function like wifi and 3g and not too costly.

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  • 9 years ago
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    I have the Droid incredible right now and its touch screen is amazing. I love my Android phone. There are some Android touch screens that aren't great like the zio. I would also stay away from non smart phone tough screens. The technology in them isn't as good making it rather difficult to type on or select things. I phone also has a really nice smooth touch screen. Then the only.good touch screen black berry is the touch. The evo , nexus s, omptumis, and epic for Sprint are really nice. The iPhone, Droid x2, Droid incredible 2, thunderbolt, and charge for Verizon. The iPhone, torch, the atrix, and captivate for ATT. There is also a line of phones called galaxy x. They have something called gorilla glass for their screens and a super amolid which makes for a stronger and brighter screen quality. Each carrier has a phone on the galaxy x line. Hope this helps you some!

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