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what were these cases about?

PGA tour inc. v Martin

Marbury v madison

brown v board of education

McCulloch v Maryland

Baker v Carr

and bush v Gore..

what was each one of them about and what was the decision of the court, and also what was the impact of the decision on the country..

thank you so much, even if u helped with only one:).... (or none:)

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    PGA tour inc was about a guy who was claiming he should be able to ride in a golf cart instead of walk from hole to hole because he was disabled. But the PGA claimed that having the physical ability to walk hole to hole was part of the sport and it would disadvantage other golfers who were required to still walk.

    The facts in Marbury v. Madison were based on a judge named Marbury who was appointed by Thomas Jefferson while he was leaving office. Tommy J had appointed a bunch of new SC judges right before his term was up. Marbury didn't get his appointment papers before president Madison took office, so then Marbury sued Madison in the US Supreme Court to compel president Madison to deliver him his papers. Although the Court was unable to fashion a remedy for Marbury, the case itself established the whole idea of Judicial Review, which means that the Supreme Court can hear matters involving other branches of government without it being an encroachment or usurpation of power on the Executive and Legislative branches. It basically made the Judicial branch very powerful in that regard, and it is one of the most famous cases in this nation's history for that reason.

    McCulloch v. Maryland was a case that held that the federal government can regulate private banks. It was what basically created the "Necessary and Proper Clause," because the holding states that the federal government can do what is necessary and proper to uphold the Constitution including interstate commerce, which obviously also includes private banking institutions.

    And I don't remember Baker v. Carr. And Bush v. Gore can easily be looked up because it was recent. The other ones also can be looked up since they are famous. Wikipedia probably has a good article on each of them and can tell you all the information you need to know. Hope this helped. Double check my answers too since these were all off the top of my head from way back when I took Constitutional law.

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    1 idk

    2 judicial review

    3 overturned separate but equal

    4 idk

    Use Wikipedia

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