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Is canoeing on the Truckee River to dangerous this time of year?

I am going camping in a week at a camground next to the Truckee River in North Lake Tahoe. We have a canoe that we often bring up and use in the Truckee and lakes in the summer time, but since it is early spring and the water is high from snow melt..... I am guessing it is to dangerous to canoe in the Truckee this time of year right? Should we even bring the canoe? I am afraid it will just end up sitting on the top of the car the whole trip.

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    Can't find any reviews specifically about the Truckee River, but you're right, snow fed streams will be high and fast this time of year. The other fact I found is that Lake Tahoe and the surrounding waters are very cold in the middle and end of summer. That means they'll really be cold this time of year. If you're worried about white water I'm sure you can ask when you get up there. You could always just launch into Lake Tahoe and avoid any problems with fast water.

    Check out the link below it lists 3 different paddling trips on Lake Tahoe to give you some ideas.

    Hope you have a great camping trip, and that the weather and water aren't too cold for you this time of year..

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