Purchasing a title of nobility?

I was researching titles of nobility earlier today then i discovered some websites that actually sell titles of nobility. The websites state that these titles can be used on things like passports and drivers licenses. The price is pretty cheap. I am not sure if it's an actual noble title, It just says an Elite Title. It states by using a legally recognised "Deed" (written in English). Under International and English Law: "You have the right to call yourself, and be known as anything you like" provided there is no fraudulent intention in the process of any such changes to a person's identity.

I am interested in the title Lord so my question is. Is this legal? Will it work if i purchase it. Thanks

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    9 years ago
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    you can basically call yourself anything you want (even Jesus Christ) by changing your name legally by deed poll ,im on my third name btw - then of course you have to produce evidence of prior names when obtaining a passport,bank account, etc ,the ONLY thing's you cannot change are your National Insurance Number in the U.K. - and your original birth certificate...


    the guys up above are totally correct - you would have to be known as Mr Lord ? .

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    1. All these people are actually offering to sell you is a change of name by deed poll, so that "Lord" would become your new first name. It wouldn't be a title, any more than the "Duke" in Duke Ellington is a title. Given that you can change your name yourself by simply writing out your intention to do so and getting a friend to sign and witness it (see the link) and any home printer can produce a certificate looking as good if not better than that, you'd have to be a prize sucker to pay them their asking price.

    It is legal - the sellers are correct that under English law you can call yourself anything you want, provided it isn't fraudulent (or obscene, or a few other things). And obviously, once you have officially changed your name to "Lord Dillon Hopelessly-Gullible" you can, indeed you must, put that on your passport and driver's licence and other legal documents, because that is now your name.

    (Why stop at "Lord"? Why not change your name to "Saint Dillon Hopelessly-Gullible"? Or "Pope" or "King"? They would be just as legal.)

    You ask "will it work"? Well, it would work in the sense that you would have genuinely changed your legal name, even though you would have spent an entirely unnecessary amount of money doing it. What it would not have done is made you a lord - you'd just be some guy whose name was "Lord". If you wanted people to believe you were a real lord you would, in addition, have to do a lot of lying. And even then, unless you're a talented liar not many people would be fooled.

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    You can change your name to Lord. I knew a guy who's last name was Lord.

    "Lord" isn't a title, so, it shouldn't cause any problems. As long as you did not say that you were a Peer, you can change your name to pretty much anything you like.

    E.g., if your change your first name to "Earl" (I also know a person with this name), you are not an actual Earl, and cannot pretend that you are. Basically, these things are a simple name change, and not titles at all.

    Noble titles cannot be bought; they are an honour from the Monarch, and seldom bestowed these days.

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    The answers above are correct. No way you can buy an English title. These agencies shuffle a deed poll under your nose which you sign and change your name.

    If you have a few millions, you can buy a German title. There are some impoverished German aristocrats who are adopting people for an astronomic amount of money. And poor Prince Alexander zu Schaumburg-Lippe is absolutely freaking because that black sheep who started it was one of his family. And now those adopted "Princes" (individuals like "Prince Frederic von Anhalt" who's married to 100 years old Zaza Gabor are ridiculing his family. They also have a German pimp carrying their name. :-) It's true, go and check it out.

    But you'll never be able to buy a genuine English title.

    EDIT: @A.W.: I know about the abolishment. I just said that you can buy a German title. I didn't say it's valid.

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  • Adoption is always a possibility. There must be impoverished and/or greedy aristocrats in the UK, too!

    @ Isis. You are basically right BUT there ARE no German titles of royalty or nobility. They were abolished after the last Kaiser, grandson of the British Queen Victoria, had fled after WW I. All you can get in Germany is a surname, which would make you e.g. "Mr. Prince of Whatever".

    And, Dillon, just as a matter of interest ... why bother? Be proud of your father's name.

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    They dont give you a title, only change your first name to "Lord". If you then fill this in on a form under "title" then you are filling the form in incorrectly. This can be illegal on government forms.

    it is not possible to purchase a title in the UK. only purchase a deed that changes your "name". You would still be known as Mr Lord whatever,.

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    9 years ago

    No, they are not real. Official titles of nobility are only given to nobles. You can however, legally change your first name. If your first name is John, you can change it to Lord John, you can even change it to King John. (Unless you live in the US, in which case a judge has to approve of your name change)

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    True titles cannot be bought, it is possible in the UK to buy a title "Lord of the Manor" but this does not actually give you the right to call yourself "Lord".

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    9 years ago

    No one accepts such titles.

    It's not worth the paper it's written on.

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