froufrou asked in Arts & HumanitiesPhilosophy · 9 years ago

anyone ever feel biology is an inconvience................................................?

...(this includes psychology affected by biology)

its so flawed


not just you finn ;-D

i think its everyone (i hope so, i dont want us 2 to be the only 2 freaks hahah)

Update 2:

im glad you do ren, i dont know if i can (taking the obvious fun stuff out of the equation )

Update 3:

hahaha coco, actually it is ok aunt frou is here for all the truth of our needs, to pis*or not to pis* that IS the question

Update 4:



im sorry you feel bad about it, unrequited love is a bi*ch, but it doesnt last forever, you will find someone ;-)

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    Psychology is closely related to the natural science of biology.

    Basically, you need to understand what's going on inside you to know why you're behaving the way outside.

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  • 9 years ago

    Hi frou...(been a rough couple years lol) Dont know that I am back, but am for a time anyway.

    As a devout christian ( I know, here we go again, yes?) and speaking for myself, I find the study of these subjects interesting. even fascinating.

    In my healthier days, before the spina bifida caught up with me, I prepared herbal teas for folk's ailments .

    I learned how primarily from two people. My grandfather, and my greatgrammie's sister, who was native american. Dont think I even knew the word biology for quite a few years after Grampa started teaching me at about the age of six or seven.

    When I realized the "borrowed time" aspect of my life was catching up with me I brought as many herbs home from the woods and fields and started a garden out back. And yes, there were several that could not adapt and still needed to be foraged.

    Did not hear the word psychology till even after I heard biology ( was introduced to biology in high school and loved the study of it

    ) Again , it had no impact on me except I could say, "oh that's what they call it"

    Interesting but all the therapy or introspect I ever needed or will need , for me, is found in the Bible where the one who is the first and greatest counciler of all, and for all times, is to be found as is the answer to every question or problem I ever, ever had or will have.

    I feel that for some people psychology can be a tremendous help and as for myself, I confess to calling pastor a time and again even for a shoulder to cry on.

    Thing is tho, psychology, in my opinion, has become abused and caused more problems then the ones that caused folks to seek help in the first place. Also many people who desperately feel they need that help cannot find it for lack of funds.

    Thing that intriques me most is that those same folks give up on themselves and life for the lack of psychologists.


    I do run on , dont I dear? LOL

    Hope you have been well and happy during my vaca from comps.


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  • 4 years ago

    How in the world is it an inconvenience or flawed? Are you religious? I'm just going to assume from the other answers that you are.

    Well god invented the process of evolution and most of the things that go on in biology so it's not really flawed. Just because it doesn't fit in with the bible, or wasn't mentioned in the bible, doesn't mean your 'god' didn't make it. God is the inventor of everything.

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  • Sara
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    9 years ago

    I find Biology to be endlessly fascinating, especially since I moved my focus from animal Biology to human. The human body is at once a marvelous creation of sheer intelligence and a Rube Goldberg Machine. It's almost as if God had little afterthoughts: if I do this, then I'll have to do that.

    Psychology is basically the study of what people are prone to do and likely to think. It's not as heavily into the world of science as you'd imagine it is. Sure, it's got experiments and statistics and probability, but it doesn't fit my model of pure science. I was married to a man who graduated in this field and it probably suited him well enough, but I was surprised how little he cared about real science.

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  • yes, when I have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, and it wakes me from a good dream and maybe its kinda cold and I don't want to leave the warm bed.

    i remember eating some mushrooms once and contemplating my bladder for what seemed like eternity, i had to pee and the thought/urge translated into psylicibic speak as "what is this moving through my body? why is it there? what shall I do with it? and on and on the thought went until I finally went out in the woods, where it seemed to have taken forever to go...and sounded like Niagra Falls in the process...

    prolly tmi, but your frou so its ok =) ♥

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  • 7 years ago

    Biology is fun once u understand it. I didnt really enjoy learning til i was out of school if that makes sense. I had to learn in school i have a choice now and now i love knowledge.

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  • 9 years ago

    But we have to see reality as it IS, not as how humans wish it were! But consciousness "in a body" is a big hassle. Wait until you get over 60. Life stops being "fun" then.

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  • Me
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    9 years ago

    Yep. Especially in cases of long, long term unrequited love...I wish that part of me that gives a crap about this guy who doesn't know or care that I exist would break down, already, and float away.

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  • 9 years ago

    i know what you mean,its when the emotional and physical stuff get all muddled up it just gets in the way of moving in any direction. that could just be me though :-)

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  • 5 years ago

    no, because it's important to know what goes on in your body

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