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可以更改句子的前後順序跟用詞,只要意思不變就好!! 萬分感謝啊




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    Due to the unprecedented circumstances of the case at hand and our company's policies, if this case is to be solved by regular practice, the payment wire transferred to the account in the States would be far more than the original amount, and more unpredictable and serious consequences may ensue.

    Therefore, we can only accept your payment remitted to the account in Taiwan. As such, we will make an exception for you and proffer you one-year-long warranty. However, our group shall not hold responsibility for any accident and incident afterward. Please try to understand and bear with us this current solution.

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    前面再加上個 Dear sir 吧!

    2011-05-19 17:54:34 補充:


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    Actually, what you really need is the paid professional service. There is no lack of fee-based local translation service agencies. Open your wallet! Don’t be a tightwad! You will get service in no time. Beside, I am sure it is tax deductible. Is that formal enough?

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