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芷薇 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago



煩請各位英文高手>""< 謝謝!



我們一家人相處得很融洽,是我最開心的事情。 從我小的時候父母培養我各種專長,我曾學過芭蕾、畫畫、鋼琴、長笛…等等,





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    I was born in an ordinary family with intermediate economic status. There are a total of six members in my family, I rank second in the three children. Although my parents spent most of the time out there working, their love and caring to their children is never less. It gives me great pleasure and satisfaction to see all the harmonious interaction within my family.

    My parents afford me to learn different skills ever since I was little; I have learned ballet, drawing, piano, and flute etc. I have learned paino for the longest time; the music acompany me when I am feeling down. In a way, I use the node of music to tell my own story and emotion.

    I achieved average academic standing. However, I realized I can type a lot faster than all my peers when I was in junior high, and I achieved first place in the mandarin keyboarding competition in my school. As the result of the competition, I decided to further my interest in keyboarding, and successfully pass the test for the professional key boarding license in my senior high school years.

    I have grown academically and mentally in the past three years in high school. I now have better plans for my future. I believe with hard work and the correct attitude, everyone can have a prosperous future.

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    I was born in an ordinary and better-off family. There are six members in my family. I am the second child among my siblings. My parents are both work but that does not hinder their loving and tender care we have received. I am glad I can get good along with the rest members of my family.




    My parents had signed me up to many extra curriculum activities since my childhood. I had learned ballet, painting, piano, flute, and etc. My piano practicing is the longest through time. Although I am not the child prodigy, the piano accompanies me when I feel gloomy. I have found the consolation through the flow of music.

    雖然成績普普,國中時,赫然發現自己打字速度比同學快很多,校內比賽獲得中文輸入第一名, 更加深我對打字的興趣;到了高中順利考取專業級證照。

    Despite I am an ordinary student academically in junior middle school; my typing speed is much faster than other classmates. I have won the championship of the school Chinese Input Tournament. I am more involved in typing because of that. After I was in senior high, I have won my professional license without any additional efforts.



    I have learned a lot in those three years of my senior high. I am more matured mentally and I am standing firmly about the future planning. I believe as long as one works hard, there is plenty to go around for everyone.

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