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Study PlanIf I have honorto enter Southern Illinois University Carbondale, I will be very pleasant andtry my best to increase my quality.I have alreadymade my plan, it is follow: America is the international powerful nation, andtherefore English turns the world common language. When I enter SouthernIllinois University Carbondale, I will not only strengthen my ability inspeaking, listening, reading and writing which are the most important skills inEnglish, but also learn the culture of America and how people speak. I know SIUC emphasizes research. So I also want to learn the attitude of doingthings which students are always using to. If I have time after class I will visit localtourist attraction and write down my feeling in English. Everyone hasdifferent ways to learns English. Theways of learning English can be divided into: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. First, this is my way to learn listening ofEnglish, such as listening English radio, watching English drama and English speech. Second,this is my way to learn speaking. I payattention to how people speak and how the tone is during people are chatting. If I have chance, I will make some notes ofwhat they said and practice it later. Moreover,chatting with a native speaker is a method as well. Third,this is my way to learn reading. I read nativenewspapers. I’m also interested in reading the technologyarticles from the magazines or websites. Fourth,this is my way to learn writing. I willkeep a diary in English to remember what I have done during the day. In order to improve my writing skills, I alsoread the novel and story book. Final, I will trymy best to learn English well no matter how many difficulties I face. Thank you foryour time and consideration. Sincerely,






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    If I have the honor to study at Southern Illinois University Carbondale, I will try my best in improving my English ability. I have sketched out my plan as the following:

    America is known to be an internationally powerful nation; therefore English turns out to be the world's most common language. If I am given the chance to enter the Southern Illinois University Carbondale, I will not only try to strengthen my ability in speaking, listening, reading and writing, which are critical skills in English (這裡其實是多餘的, 不過要的話就這樣寫吧) , but also keen in learning the culture of America and how the local people speak. I know that SIUC emphasizes on research skills, so I would also like to learn the attitude of doing things which students are always using to.(我看不懂這句耶可以解釋一下嗎謝謝) If I have time after class I will even visit local tourist attractions and write down my impressions on them in English.(雖然改了這句但老師會比較希望你天天寫英文日記吧)

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    對不起位子不夠不能改後面那段, 不過:

    1. English essays and paragraphs 一定要空格

    2. Specific Thesis 在一個文章剛開始會大概講一下整段會談到什麼. 裡面順序一定要也已經排好了. 人家讀到那一句就會assume 之後一定會按照這個順序寫.

    3. THE 的用法: The man that has a hat in his hand.... 在這麼多人裡, 你要講的是那一個. 只有在講到specific 的人事物才要用. 一般是不用或用 a or an.

    4.建議把 Everyone has... 到最後合成一段.

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