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請問這網址的無名網誌背景音樂歌手是誰? 歌詞是?


歌手是誰? 歌詞是?


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    Katy Perry - I'm Still Breathing

    I'm Still Breathing 我還在呼吸

    I leave the gas on

    Walk the allies in the dark

    Sleep with candles burning

    I leave the door unlocked

    I'm weaving a rope and

    Running all the red lights

    Did I get your attention

    Cause I'm sending all the signs and

    The clock is ticking

    and I'll be giving my 2 weeks

    Pick your favorite shade of black

    You'd best prepare a speech

    Say something funny

    Say something sweet

    But don't say that you loved me


    Cause I'm still breathing

    Though we've been dead for awhile

    This sickness has no cure

    We're goin down for sure

    Already lost a grip

    轉載來自 ※ 魔鏡歌詞網

    Best abandon ship

    Maybe I was too pale

    Maybe I was too fat

    Maybe you wanted better, better luck off in the sack

    No formal education

    and I swore way too much

    But I swear you didn't f**king care

    Cause we were in love

    So as I write this letter and shed my last tear

    No, it's all for the better

    That we end this this year

    Let's close this chapter

    Say one last prayer

    But don't say that you loved me


    I'm still breathing

    I'm still breathing

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