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What to wear for college jeopardy audition?

I'm trying out for College Jeopardy in a few days, and the email instructions only say to dress casually, but nice. Does anyone know what that means? Should I wear school attire or would a dress shirt and khakis be better?

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    Well...realize that the audition "proctors" are looking for appearance and enthusiasm - particularly enthusiasm.

    For example: I was told during my audition that beards and pony tails on men were generally rejected as contestants (fortunately I had neither; unfortunately I did not get past the second round audition).

    So: you should look clean and neat, but also not too old (because it's college). Dress shirt and khakis might make you stand out from the crowd, most of whom will probably be wearing typical college clothes (whatever that is now: in my day, jeans and t-shirt). I don't recall the college students on the show having *any* piercings (except the women, in their ears) or tattoos. Strive for the clean-cut, "a guy every mother wishes were her son" look.

    Note that the contestants on "college week" always wear school sweatshirts; I suspect that there will be a million of them at your audition, so anything *except* that will probably stand out. On the other hand, it might be a good idea to show "school spirit" in some way - a letter jacket, a badge or fraternity sweater, a cap with the school logo. Somehow (ideally) your appearance will stand out from the crowd but at the same time scream "college student" to the people who are evaluating you.

    During my own first audition (not college week), I wore a suit and tie! I was the only one to do so, and I also solved the puzzle during the test audition. Both, perhaps, were the reason I was chosen to participate in the second audition.

    - Jim,

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