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power cord replacement on a vacuum cleaner?

I just purchased a Dyson DC 24 vacuum cleaner. The power cord is ridiculously short (claimed to be 20'...don't think so!) Some rooms can't be completely vacuumed with just one plug in to a receptacle. I'm thinking of replacing the existing cord with a longer one (30'). Is this something I can get at the local hardware store, Home Depot, etc? What gauge cord is required?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    I would take into consideration what the Dyson rep told you - replacing the cord will void the warranty, and with vacuum cleaners that's a big deal since it can cost hundreds of dollars to repair certain parts if your warranty is not valid.

    One thing many people have done to work around the short cord issue with the Dyson DC24 is to just go buy an extension cord. It's a lot cheaper and more simple than replacing the cord, and it won't cost you your warranty.

  • 1 decade ago

    Extending the cord is flirting with a UL issue, but that being said, you might have a problem getting a cord the same style as the existing cord, but rubber cords (SOOW, SJOOW, SO, or SJ) are available in the bulk wire section, I would stay away from plastic types (STO, SJTO,SVT, SJT).

    And use one size larger that the existing cord, (smaller number = larger wire), because longer wire will suffer more voltage drop.

    Edit: Another thought occurred to me, you could shorten your cord, to like 18" and use a make an extension cord the length you need, and zip tie the end of the extension cord to the vacuum.

    Source(s): I'm an Electrician, that strangely enough, used to repair vacuum cleaners for a janitorial contractor in a tall office building when I previously worked as a janitor.
  • Howard
    Lv 4
    1 decade ago

    I am telling YOU not to modify YOUR listed appliance.

    If I was going to modify MY listed appliance, I'd get a high quality 14 gauge extension cord and remove the female end. I'd also need to put a "romex connector" (that I got on the electrician aisle) through a 7/8" hole in the vacuum's chassis. That's because my new, beefy cord would be too fat for the existing hole and clamp.

    I'd also have to tweak my cleats that the cord winds up on.

    If I was feeling "green", I'd get a long cord by whacking one off of somebody's trashed vacuum, pressure washer, etc. Unfortunately, it'd be smaller than 14 gauge.

    Safety first!

  • 1 decade ago

    Hi its Darran at Dyson.

    I am sorry to hear that the power cord on your new DC24 Dyson vacuum cleaner is not quite long enough for your particular needs.

    The Dyson DC24 is our lightest and most compact upright vacuum cleaner and as a result the power cord is slightly shorter than on other models in our range.

    We would not recommend replacing the power cord on your machine as this will invalidate the Dyson warranty.

    Should you have any further queries regarding your DC24 or your warranty, please do not hesitate to contact our Helpline on 1866MYDYSON.

    Kind regards


    Dyson Customer Service

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