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Would is be possible to earn a BS or MS in mathematics if you aced Calc 1,2 , and 3?

I am unsure if classes get at a point where it becomes a much different level of thinking( if you know what I mean). I don't know if I want to pursue a math degree and get to a math class where I find out I just do not have what it takes and be screwed. So that is why I am asking if you aced calc 1 2 and 3 just so I can have some reference as to what I MAY be capable of. BTW I am only at a community college.

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    The calculus sequence is the foundation for the "good stuff" in mathematics. I believe what you are asking is whether the sort of skills that have gotten you this far are enough. That will depend on how you think of mathematics. It is relatively easy for some people to learn techniques and procedures that essentially allow them to turn the crank and get an answer to a problem. Learning such techniques is valuable in itself, and mastering a variety of techniques opens an array of opportunities for you. There is a concept called mathematical maturity that describes a deeper understanding of mathematics. This sort of understanding can cause a grad student to run down the hall shouting with elation that he _understands_ the curl. This sort of understanding gives one the insight and intuition to be able to solve previously unsolved problems (or to solve a problem and find out that someone else already did, which does not diminish the accomplishment.) It is not so common for students just out of calculus to have developed mathematical maturity. It takes more breadth to have the insight to see how seemingly different subjects are connected, much like high school students tend not to make the connection between geometry and algebra right away. But I can't think of anything that is a worthy substitute for the satisfaction that you would get from developing your mathematical maturity.

    If you have the talent to ace the calculus sequence, I would strongly encourage you to take math and consider it as a major. It is not a waste to do so even if you don't end up majoring in math, because many of those courses are required in other challenging and interesting majors, such as computer science, engineering, operations research, etc. I would encourage you to consider other majors as well. Majors that are math intensive, especially in applied fields, tend to be well paid. Most math and physics majors find interesting work too.

    Try not to worry too much about possible limitations. No matter what your field, and no matter how good you are, you will discover that there are some extremely smart people in your field who make you feel humble by comparison. All you can do is work hard and do your best, and not beat yourself up if others are better.

    Feel free to email me if you have questions.

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    I take into account my seventh grade instructor made us write out our instances tables day-to-day. We did no less than three complete pages day-to-day, and ever considering that then, I recognize them like that *snaps*. Writing out any sort of math for many years embeds it on your reminiscence quicker, good... no less than for me. It's no longer plenty to write down whilst you emerge as used to it. I'm no longer suggesting you do three complete pages, however probably a million web page day-to-day? It is going from a million to nine... that means you begin with 1X1=a million all of the approach to 9X9=eighty one. Don't strain approximately it an excessive amount of, even though. Sometimes while I get known as to the board, I make lots of errors, in view that it is only a entire extraordinary enjoy whilst up there, alternatively than sitting at your table writing on a sheet of paper. I desire that this is helping you =).

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