small quaint towns in tennessee not far from nashville?

hi! i want to move to a nice small town when im old enough. i live in tennessee in a pretty small town already its 30 miles north of nashville. so do you know of any pretty small country towns?

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    Other cities, towns, and suburbs near

    Nashville, Tennessee:

    Brentwood, TN

    Goodlettsville, TN

    Hendersonville, TN

    Mount Juliet, TN

    La Vergne, TN Franklin, TN

    Smyrna, TN

    Gallatin, TN

    Springfield, TN

    Lebanon, TN Spring Hill, TN

    Murfreesboro, TN

    Portland, TN

    Dickson, TN

    Columbia, TN

    The center of each city listed is within 41 miles of Nashville, TN.

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    There are lots of small quaint towns in Tennessee. Since you live north of Nashville, I'll suggest some in other parts of the state to check out. The best way to decide on a place to live is to visit it, talk with the locals, and drive around. You will find the right one.




    Bell Buckle




    Estill Springs



    Pull out a TN map and take a look.

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    challenging aspect. research using google and yahoo. this will help!

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