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guys look i dont believe in aliens, but i do believe some bugs like ants and mosquitos live outside our planet?

the reason i said that its because i dreamt of a rock from space hitting earth, then suddenly insects and ants came out from it LOOOL, i dunno but is it real? is that what god meant to tell me if there are anything which lives in space?? but the ants they look different, they are twice as large as our own ants in earth hehe


guys cmon dont be stupid, ants can live everywhere!! 200 metres underground, in the grass, in the water, in the bathroom, ust everywhere!! so whats the problem if there are ants in space?? and ants they dont count as aliens, the only thing counts as aliens are humans!!!

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    No, it doesn't work like that. Insects can't survive the vacuum of space. However, genetic material or bacteria might be able to do that. And that can evolve. Pretty much any life form on another planet would be considered alien life, not only intelligent life. But we do not yet have evidence for life outside of Earth. Belief isn't worth anything in science - there's evidence or there isn't. There's a good chance there's life out there, and we've got more reason to think there are aliens than gods, but no evidence of either yet.

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    no longer likely. There are limitless opportunities on what's accessible, yet i do no longer think of that there is numerous available of sensible lifestyles. We purely have been given to how we are actually from years of a few old area goo adapting to our specific environment. the way I see it, the percentages human beings coming from our unique goo tens of millions of years in the past became so small, that to duplicate a lifestyles which could additionally think of looks impossible. Out of the tens of millions of species on our very own planet on my own (flowers and micro organism lined!!), human beings are the only ones with such an intelligence. If there became something accessible, i'd think of it would appear as if something we can't even think of and overall performance in techniques we could on no account comprehend, and nonetheless does no longer have language or technologies or the different "state-of-the-artwork" junk.

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    no they would either be burned up from our atmosphere or they would die from our atmospheric composition

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