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cross country advice/stories please!!?

my stables is great because we have an indoor arena, boggy fields don't stop us and in the winter its brilliant! now its may and everything is sunny and we can use our cross country, i haven't been at this stables in the summer before and i don't have much experience XC.

we have a river, drops, steps, logs, barrels, tyres, ditches, a lot of room and much more!!

could you give me some advice a bout cross country position, up steps, down drops, through rivers and that sort of thing?

OR funny XC stories, falls and memories!!


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    1. Never school cross country without a good instructor who knows cross country. I mean an actual eventing coach. Not a hunter instructor, not a show jumping instructor, an actual eventing instructor. This is for the safety of you and your horse, not to be mean. You need to learn how to do cross country safely and correctly, which you can't learn from an improper instructor, online, or in a book.

    2. Remember it is ALWAYS better to be left behind than it is to get ahead of your horse. That would be a fine way to end up like Superman.

    3. Learn how to slide your reins going down drops. Sure, you won't really need this skill until you're to the point of doing down-bank combos but it's so easy to learn and so helpful. You have your reins back in a split second with one fluid move, instead of scrambling for them like a fish out of water.

    Funny memories... oh I have hundreds of them. Actually this one is a schooling story. I was at a clinic with a four-star rider in the Training group. It had been raining all day but we still went out and schooled cross country. Everyone else put studs in their horses shoes, I did not because I feel riders should know how to balance their horses even in the mud without the use of extra contraptions. Anyways we were doing some jumps at the water complex. Every single horse with studs was slipping around the turns, sliding before the jumps, and just looked scary. The clinician wasn't sure if she wanted to let me try it, because she knew I didn't have studs in but I convinced her we would be fine. Sure enough we did the entire combination without a single slip or misstep. Just goes to show you don't need studs to stay in balance on slippery courses.

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    I've only gone XC a few times, but one thing I quickly learned is that you MUST go with the horse's motion... don't try any fancy equitation... just let the horse show you how to ride. Staying balanced over the middle is very important. And since I don't really know a whole lot more, here's my story:

    So the very first time I rode XC was at a summer camp on a horse I didn't know. Smart, right? Well luckily this horse was the ultimate schoolmaster for all things eventing, so he took good care of me! We approached a small ditch at a trot and I expected him to just pop over it. Well, little did I know, he was going to give me a nice 4 ft leap over that tiny ditch! So I clung to his mane, terrified with a bit of whiplash and lost my stirrups over the jump. I landed on his withers, right in front of the saddle. Most horses would freak out and take off, but not this guy. He stopped as soon as he realized something was off and I wiggled back into the saddle. He turned his head and looked at me like "what were you doing on my neck, silly human!" Great horse, I finished the course despite that little shake-up. :)

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