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Cumberland County, PA Divorce Process?

We're trying to do this lawyer free. We filed the divorce complaint, property division agreement. We already took care of the child custody/support earlier. Its included in the agreement paperwork what we both make, that i want my maiden name. I just need to know exactly what forms are left needed to get this divorce Finalized. I know the last thing to submit is the Pracipe to transmit i to that point?? Do we need a financial affidavit if we agree to everything & signed/got notorized all financial info? Where do I get a notice to file social security #s if i need to do so? I've done the majority of the filing of paperwork but all professional info is greatly appreciated & if u know a local lawyer that is willing to complete the last couple papers I've missed for under $100 let me know.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Call around and find an attorney that will consult with you for a small fee ($100/hour)...there are some out there that will assist you in the process. In CT I am working with one on a consulting just have to ask people you know for references or make some phone calls.

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