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what is the best travel agency - travel agency in Egypt - Tours in Egypt - Tourism in Egypt?

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    Hi My friend I have many travel specially to egypt many companies offer hot discounts

    but the best friendly tour guides i fond on Ancient Egypt Holidays

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    wow! Below, I talk about the one-day tour of Egypt, you can see The ancient Egypt civilization heritage , not to missed. Because, I have been there.

    First, visit the huge temple dedicated to the God Sobek and Harocies. Navigate towards Aswan, about 48km south of Kom Ombo. Visit the temple of Philae, which has been entirely moved to the island of Algikia during the construction of the high barrage.

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    your suitable determination is to boook with a depended on return and forth employer like Thomas cook dinner. they provide a good holiday contains nile cruses and visit to Cairo and crimson see interest. you will lang in Hurghada or Sharm and circulate removed from there and back back

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    Mister Cook , he knows it all !

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