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what exactly is the RADAR at Portsmouth?

So a little while back I went to Portsmouth just for a visit, (some nostalgia, i used to live there). I went on a harbour tour (which was very interesting, got to see ark royal and other ships and destroyers alike). While on the tour, in the distance, perhaps Cosham or Paulsgrove area (where fort nelson is), I could see a large building with what looked like golf balls on it. I had driven past this once before but was never really interested in it. Im just wondering what this building might be, its on James Callaghan Drive, Its a Blue/gray building that has Radar Arrays on the roof and Large dome radars. is it some type of Early Warning ICBM system or just Port/Harbor Protection that uses Horizon line radar?

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    The radar systems you can see up on Portsdown Hill above Portsmouth Harbour are basically prototype radar systems which are subsequently found on warships. They are there purely for research and development. The most prominent one up there currently is the main radar system on the Type 45 destroyer; it's the mast and radar dome for PAAMS missile system which is the primary weapons system on the 45.

    Source(s): Former RN rating, and post Naval service worked on that site up on Portsdown Hill
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    It is a radar testing site nothing to do with early warning at the moment the

    radar outfit for the Type 45 destroyer is being tested

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