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請問concerning 這個單字為何要加 ing ?謝謝~

I wish to receive information from company,partners,or third parties concerning their products and services.

請問concerning 這個單字為何要加 ing ?且加了ing後的詞性是介細詞嗎?


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    這裡有一個很棒的整理, 可提供參考:

    根據 "The New Fowler's Modern English Usage" 一書,這類介詞叫做「邊緣介系詞」(marginal prepositions),亦即它們具有和一般介系詞 (如 at, in, from, by 等) 相同的語法功能,但它們的型態卻與一般介詞大異其趣。這類介詞大多以現在分詞型態存在,少數為過去分詞或看似原形動詞 (有些分詞型態的邊緣介詞還具有連接詞的功能)。他們在句中主要是當副詞用或在名詞/名詞片語之後作後置修飾語。由於有些邊緣介詞相當常用,因此瞭解它們的用法確有其必要性。1. 現在分詞型態的邊緣介詞barring/bar (= except/except for 除...之外,除非)

    Barring any last-minute problems we should finish the job by tomorrow.


    concerning (= about; with regard to; in connection with 關於) -- 比較正式的用語

    Police are anxious to hear any information concerning his whereabouts.


    considering (鑑於,就...而論)

    He did very well in his exams considering that he had studied so little (or considering how little he had studied).


    excepting (= except 除...之外) -- 通常用於句首或 always, not, without 之後

    Dogs are not allowed in the shop, always excepting blind people's guide dogs.


    Everyone passed the exam, not excepting John.


    excluding (除...之外;不包括)

    There are twenty students in the classroom, excluding the teacher.


    failing (= in the absence or failure of 如果沒有...的話)

    You may find her in the dormitory, or failing that, try the library.


    including (包括,其中包括)

    There are six people in the room, including three women.


    pending (= until 直到;在等待...期間) -- 正式用語

    We put off our decision pending his return from Japan.


    regarding (= as regards 關於,有關) -- 正式用語,常用於商業書信中

    Regarding your recent inquiry,


    respecting (= concerning; in respect of 關於,至於) -- 正式用語

    I don't know at all respecting the computer.


    touching (= about; concerning 關於) -- 書面上或比較舊的用語

    Touching their complaints about school meals, I suggest that we should give a positive response.


    wanting (1. = lacking; without 缺乏,沒有 2. = less; minus 不夠,不足)

    Wanting courage, nothing can be done.


    a book wanting a cover


    a month wanting two days

    (差兩天就一個月) (篇幅不足, 改貼意見區)

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    2. 過去分詞型態的邊緣介詞

    given (考慮到)

    Given their inexperience, they've done a good job.

    = Given that they're inexperienced, they've done a good job.


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    granted/granting that (假定,即使)

    Granted (or granting) that he should send money to help with the bills, it doesn't mean he will.


    3. 原形動詞型態的邊緣介詞

    bar/barring (除...之外)

    He's the best singer in the country, bar none (=without any exceptions).


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    save/save for/saving (=except/except for 除...之外) -- 正式用語

    They answered all the questions save one.


    The classroom was empty save for two girls. (save for 比 save 常用)


    I agree with you, save that you have got one fact wrong.


    Source(s): http://www.cybertranslator.idv.tw/faq/faq4_3.htm 文法問題與解答:第4集第3篇
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