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How do I make someone feel worthless?

Kso, this kid has so many issues like anxiety crazy Shes such a bit* To me and I know its a Bit* move but I wanta make her feel worthless, likelow self confidence, breaking down in class worthless.

Dont tell me itsa mean idea. I've thought this over.

If your going ta comment like "Your a mean person your prolly uglier and poorer and duumber than her" Then dont bother. I just want straight advice

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    First of all, how old are you? If she's making your life crappy it's most likely because she is jealous of you. Usually girls don't like each other because the other one has something they want. Either material or psychical. If I were you I'd go up to and ask what her problem is. Big the bigger person, by you trying to make her feel like **** it just shows you're just as petty as she is. I know it's hard to ignore but seriously try. If you don't give her a response she will eventually leave you alone.

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    If she talks to you or any other way of communication, just give her look like "really?" that kind of look and just ignore her a s s, it works magic when you do that in front of allot of people, especially ones she shows off to.

    "Your a mean person your prolly uglier and poorer and duumber than her" is a stupid comment by the way. Because you asking a question like this on yahoo makes you what I just quoted from your comment. You must be in middle school, I hope so. Because if this is coming from a high school kid, tsk. tsk. shame...that's all I can say...shame.

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    How can you think to want to make someone feel this way? Maybe she has a bad family situation and so she takes out her feeling at school. She might have something going on in her life that someone telling her she's worthless could completely break her as a person. Bullying is the number 1 reason for suicide. Think about it. Have somewhat of a heart.

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    9 years ago

    it depends on the person be absolutely sure that they deserve that kind of treatment cause recking someones self esteem is a huge deal. anyway if u must do it go after all of thier insecurities and weaknesses expose secrets past regrets etc. idk how to get that info though. dont feel bad i have met a person that was worthy of me doing it to them didnt work hopefully u get better results

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  • 9 years ago

    umm, you could..

    go take the mentally disabled kids juicebox..


    cus out a deaf kid.

    wait the question was how you can be a total douche bag right?

    i hope you die. (:

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    What did she do to you ... ?

    Ignore her ...

    Be the bigger person and dont try to hurt someone ....

    Not the right thing to do !

  • 9 years ago

    she already has issues? she probably already feels worthless. you should try to be nice, maybe she will be less B*****y.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    ignore them

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