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Alan wake the video game?

Can anyone give me a review about what this game is and if it's worth buying please

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    Author Alan Wake arrives in the town of Bright Falls with his wife, Alice, and the two go to stay at an island cabin for a vacation. However, soon Alice disappears, and while trying to find her, Alan finds out that even the island itself no longer exists...and hasn't for years. Shadowy forms of people are attacking in the darkness, and Alan keeps finding pages of a manuscript. The manuscript is supposedly written by him, although he has no memory of it, and it seems to be coming true.

    The game is very story-driven. The story (in my opinion) is interesting, intriguing, and creepy. It's expanded by reading the manuscript pages that you find.

    The game is somewhere between a psychological thriller and a horror game. You need to use a mix of light and conventional weapons to take down enemies--the "Taken" are protected by shadows that need to be dispelled before they can be hurt. While it's generally an action game, there are times when it's just better to run. It can be intense at times, such as when you're desperately trying to get to the next spot of light (safe areas).

    I say it's worth buying. I've never regretted getting it, because the story was great and it was really a lot of fun to play.

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