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So, those of you who are against Big Government, what do you think of this?

I'm a registered Democrat, but that's because I live in what is essentially a one party state. I don't agree totally with either party. I notice the Republicans gripe a lot about "Big Government" but neglect some very big and expensive parts of the Government.

I would like to see the following come to an end:

1) Subsidies given to manipulate the market.

2) The DEA. The War On Drugs is a joke. Put its administrative power under the FDA which is run by cooler heads.

3) The ATF. The Volstead Act was repealed a long time ago. They're just revenue agents who investigate arson. Let the FBI investigate arson.

4) Federal monies for local law enforcement. There are too many cops where I live, and they can't solve crimes. All they can do is arrest junkies and beat them.

5) Compulsory education and local school boards. Screw them. They get no results.

6) Laws against marijuana. It would save billions on incarcerating stoners, and marijuana could be taxed.

7) Airport security as it is. I don't want some fat lady named Tomeka barking orders at me and looking at my penis.

8) Border patrol. Fire them all. Recruit Russians to guard the border. Make sure none of them speak Spanish. The Soviets were the best at securing borders in a large country.

9) Faith based charities should go. I don't like the idea of funding Jesus freaks.

10) Default on all loans to China. We don't need their plastic crap.

11) Break the insurance monopolies. Make them subject to the Sherman Act. Fat, middle-aged women in cubicles will cry when they lose their jobs, but they're useless.

12) Allow Mexicans to come in the US for agricultural jobs only. Do not give them a path to citizenship. Treat them as guest workers or "metics" as the Athenians called such workers.

13) Create more doctors to drive down the price of health care. We have physician assistants and certified nurse practitioners doing high level medical diagnosis and treatment, and they simply aren't qualified.

14) Have a national test for lawyers, no degree required. Make it difficult to weed most of them out. Get rid of the American Bar Association, because it is a de facto part of the US Gov't, as it helps the President choose Supreme Court justices. Also, no one can become a federal judge without going to an ABA approved law school.

15) Withdraw troops from the Middle East, Okinawa, South Korea, Germany, etc. We're not fighting the Cold War anymore. Communism is dead, just another name for totalitarianism.

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    1) Govt should be out of it. Tax system would need to be rewritten.

    2) Agree

    3) Agree

    4) Disagree. Local law enforcement is a local issue. Fed has no business there.

    5) Make schools compete for taxpayer dollars. Results driven, and not just testing results.

    6) Agree

    7) Security as it is is only a smoke screen.

    8) Make the fed actually do their job and secure it.

    9) Not really sure what charities have to do with Gov other than tax exemptions which should be removed by rewriting the whole thing (see 1)

    10) Cut spending and repay loans. Don't be "that guy" and default. Lets be the great country we can be.

    11) Open insurance across state boarders to increase competition.

    12) Goes with securing the boarder

    13) Not enough doctors isn't the problem.

    14) State responsibility. Fed needs to stay out.

    15) National security is still important. Having a foreign presence is in our best interest.

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    Yes we will have to make govt smaller--plenty smaller. I am a liberal in a few respects however a conservative in others. Here's the crisis. The govt has bought these kind of entitlement systems they created to cross out unfastened cash in order that they are able to construct a constituency to get re-elected. Problem is they've no approach to pay for all of this with out elevating taxes. If you're going to elevate taxes you have got to lift the taxes on a person or whatever that has cash to pay the taxes. Oil businesses are compatible the invoice effectively. So additionally might financial institution officers. There aren't plenty of others in this day and age that experience any cash. Period. Of direction a different alternative might be to position import tasks on imports. That honestly was once how the federal government generated sales till the commencing of WWI. Had to have an sales tax to help that one. Then there was once the SS tax to help all of people who could not shop adequate on their possess to pay for his or her possess retirement. Then there was once the Medicare tax to pay the scientific costs for all of people who did not wish to pay their possess costs. Then of direction there's wellfare for all of people who do not wish to paintings for a residing. Of direction in this day and age there are not all that many roles besides. They have been all shipped to China. Gosh, we have now a first-class govt. They will do what ever it takes to get re-elected. That imply passing out unfastened cash to the components and favors for the crusade donors. Makes for a horrible inefficient wasteful govt but it surely does get those men re-elected time after time after time.

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