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how does the vfr 800 compare to cruiser comfort?

Ok I dislike sport bikes because there is simply nothing comfortable about them. But I have a moderate interest in a sport touring bike the vfr 800. I've read the reviews they say it's very comfortable for a sporty bike but I just don't see it. It still looks like your hunching over the gas tank. I would test sit/ ride one but We don't have one in at any of the dealerships in town. Also how would a vfr 800 do at cruising. Most sport bikes push like 5,000 rpms cruising at top gear going highway speed this seems like it would cause more wear and tear than a cruiser doing the same speed at 2,000 rpms

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    I have several compressed disks in my back, for me the riding position of a VFR is the most comfortable for long rides, and as a bonus it is a very connected to the bike and road position, maximum handling. The lazyboy feet forward position on a cruiser has zero appeal for me, very retarded and disconnected, not a good position for fast curves.

    The VFR has more leg room than the average sport bike, but the same riding position. Out of shape people probably won't be able to handle that much weight on arms and wrists, but for in shape people, no problem.

    A water cooled V4 is going to last so much longer than an air cooled vtwin. They are built for the RPMs and they run at a more uniform temperature, easier on them and they are just better, more advanced engines. The classic vtwin is virtually unchanged in 70 years....alot of slop in that engine bro.

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    Really...5000rpm in high gear??? You will be going to jail going that

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