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What is the largest city in the United States?

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    "...While New York City is the most populous city in the United States, Yakutat, Alaska is the largest city in area. Yakutat includes a whopping 9,459.28 square miles of area, comprised of 1,808.82 square miles of water area and 7,650.46 square miles of land area The city is larger than the state of New Hampshire (the country's 46th largest state). Officially known as the "City and Borough of Yakutat," the city consolidated the City of Yakutat Borough in 1992 to be the country's largest city.

    Yakutat displaced Sitka, Alaska, which displaced Juneau, Alaska as the largest city. Sitka is 2874 square miles and Juneau is 2717 square miles (Sitka was the earliest large city, having been formed through incorporation of the borough and city in 1970). ..."


    Source(s): Google search on "largest USA cities square miles"
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    Its New york city.

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