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What would you think of a Mitch Daniels/Herman Cain ticket for the GOP in 2012?

Both have top level executive experience. Daniels as Gov of Indiana where he has brought his state from deep red ink to solid in the black, and Cain a conservative black with solid experience as CEO of major corporations. Opinion?

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    At this point, i would prefer to see Cain at the top of the ticket , and maybe Ron Paul as VP

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  • hice
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    3 years ago

    finally there might a double chop up indoors the Republican party, one between the TP and the Reps, and yet yet yet another one indoors the TP, people who decide for a Palin/Bachmann value tag, who heavily think of of that is good for the country and every physique who does not agree is a Palin hating commie, and the greater suitable TP which ought to be taken heavily as an actual wing, anti-tax decision to huge-unfold republicanism. there is not any way a Palin/Bachmann value tag might win until the terrorists got here across a poison that could atrophy everyones concepts cells.

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