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Can you cash a Bank of New York Mellon check?

Verizon sent me a security deposit refund. The bank is The Bank of New York Mellon. I looked it up and found out that they do a lot of treasury stuff for different companies, but they aren't like a normal bank. I know you can cash any check at your bank if you have the money in your account, but is there a location in which I can cash this check not against an account of mine? I don't have the money in the bank to cash the check, but I need cash.

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    Your bank will give you some of the money if you tell them you need it when you deposit the check, but you will need to go to a teller. Probably they would give you the first $100 - assuming your account isn't brand new. On new accounts they can hold all of it for a few days.

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    The Bank of New York Mellon is a clearing house bank. I've received dividend checks from various companies through The Bank of New York Mellon. The checks have always cleared with no problem.

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    where can I cash a check from The Bank of New York Mellon

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    BNYM is NOT a typical banking service center. You will NEVER be able to cash a check at any facility because they are offices, not banks. I know it seems confusing since BANK is in the name. It isn't. If you have a check drawn on BNYM, please take it to your bank for deposit. The check can be verified by calling (877) 484-0859. If you do not have a bank, then you can try using a check cashing service. Depending on the amount, you may have some luck, but, I would suggest just opening an account and using the check as your initial deposit.

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