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Irish 313 asked in PetsDogs · 9 years ago

Is it true that the makers of IAMS and Eukanuba petfoods engage in animal testing?


Both IAMS and Eukanuba are Procter & Gamble brands.


Pedigree are a part of Mars Mars do cruel animal testing

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Update 2:

As do Purina, a Nestle brand, according to one source I've stumbled across

Update 3:

Good pet food companies don't do cruel things to animals.

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  • 9 years ago
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    I work for The Iams Company, and as an animal lover myself, with 3 dogs and 5 cats, I could never work for a company that treats animals they way it is portrayed online. I see you have posted this question a few times, and I would encourage you to visit for the facts.

    The video is over 5 years old and was taken at a contract facility, not a facility owned by Iams. The practices shown in the video do not represent our policies or practices. When we learned of the blatant violations of our long-standing animal welfare policies, we immediately ended our relationship with this third-party facility, and our employees adopted the dogs

    The woman who filmed the video was hired by the contract facility, at Iams’ request and expense, to ensure the animals were treated with proper care. Rather than meet her responsibility to monitor the facility for Iams and to correct unacceptable conditions (as she was paid to do) she allowed those conditions to continue so that she could create this video and exploit these animals. She lied about who she was, and she took the job under false pretenses. Instead of protecting the animals, her sole purpose was to capture illegal, hidden-camera video footage to create the worst impression possible. Instead of immediately reporting any substandard care to Iams, she continued – for about 9 months – to perpetuate and film those poor conditions. She should have immediately called us and her employer to correct those conditions. Once we were made aware of the circumstances, we took swift action and brought the animals under our care.

    The continued use of this video is highly misleading because it is outdated and does not accurately reflect Iams' animal welfare policies. We do not use third-party facilities like this. In fact, more than 70% of the animals in our feeding trials are family pets, living in private homes.

    For studies which require a more controlled environment, we use our Pet Health and Nutrition Center. We’ve invested millions of dollars to build this facility, which is staffed with veterinarians and nutritionists. It is a virtual “pet haven,” specifically designed for the comfort and protection of dogs and cats. It is a cageless environment – which I invite you to see for yourself at

    We also invited bloggers who toured our Pet Health & Nutrition Center. To see what they had to say in their own words, please see: &

    I’m sorry this outdated video is causing confusion and needless concern. We have tried unsuccessfully to have it removed. Unfortunately, these days, all online materials seem to have a very long “shelf life.”

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  • Rose
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    Careful of propaganda!!!!!!! PETA is often behind this kind of thing. What animal testing could Iams do on animals??????? They are not doing medical testing. They are I am sure testing food on animals that live in a facility. Purina does that. They have maintained a colony of animals for EVER that they test food on. I feed Eukanuba and will continue to do so unless I were to see REAL proof of wrong doing. I have tried the Innova EVO, and the dogs liked it well enough, but they did not tolerate it well.....if you know what I mean!!!!!! I don't think any company has used Ethoxyquin to preserve food in YEARS!!!!!!! Now they all use Tocopherols, which is similar to Vitamin E. I actually think Science Diet was one of the last to still use Ethoxyquin...maybe they still do. Iams/Eukanuba do not! Neither use soy. Please know what you are talking about before you answer things that are not true!!!!!!

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Thank you so much for the information. I had no idea. I assumed all dog food companies do testing, but more along the lines of letting the dog live a normal life, feed them the food, see if they get enough nutrition from it to remain healthy. Maybe take blood, urine samples. Stuff like that.

    This kind of testing is not only cruel, but stupid. How can you tell if the food is any good for the dog, if you don't let the dog be a dog. I have very little education, and not great deal of commons sense, but even I could come up with a better testing regiment then what these knuckle heads came up with.

    These researchers are just proof of what I have always suspected...

    "going to school makes you smart, the same way standing in a bank lobby makes you rich"

    Well you have a good day, again, thanks.

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  • 3 years ago

    Iams Animal Cruelty

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  • Kelly
    Lv 5
    9 years ago

    ALL pet food companies test their products on live animals. The difference between most and Iams, is the cruelty and neglect suffered by their dogs.

    We had beagles come into the humane society from an Iams animal testing facility with untreated cancers, cage sores, blindness, infections, etc. Most of them had to be euthanized.

    I have absolutely no use for the Iams company.

    ADD: @ Jennifer...I am not basing my opinion on any video online but personal experience of having to treat animals that were kept in horrid conditions by the Iams company. The powers that be were WELL aware of what was going on. The Humane Society has intervened on more than one occasion with Iams test animals. Your "company girl" crap is not going to change my mind. Sorry.

    Source(s): Vet Tech
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  • 9 years ago

    Good pet food companies do feeding trials. How else would you know that the food was nutritious and palatable? I would rather see feeding trials done then I would the calculation method. Although the feeding trials use small numbers they are still meaningful in my opinion. So I would buy a brand where feeding trials have been done.

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  • 9 years ago

    ALL pet food manufacturers keep a kennel of dogs that are fed the food long term, to check for any problems with the basic nutrient mix of the food.

    Why is this a surprise. They want to see what long term effects there are on the dog's health and growth.

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  • 9 years ago

    You already know the answer, you just wanted to post your links to advertise your "cause."

    What does it have to do with being a P&G brand? Does Innova test of animals? No, I don't think so.

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  • 9 years ago

    Yep, it is. Pedigree and purina are safe and don't subject dogs to anything but is this flavor yummy to you?

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