Standard of living in Indonesia?

What are some major similarities and differences of living in Indonesia and U.S?

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    Similarities (please dont feel ofended) :

    -They love following trends

    Have such a strong nationalism in rural areas

    -Jealousy in terms of social status

    Differences :

    -Indonesia consists of islands (while US consists of states.

    -Any business in USA must have an official permission,while in Indoensia,you can make any business you want,sell anywhere you want.

    -Privacy,in Indonesia,when you're in a cafe or banded restaurant,you will often find strangers staring at you (which is normal in here),the same thing when you're riding a good looking car (or a modern sedan or a full size mpv with sliding door or a mercedes).It seems that they're curious people and they love bodying other people's life.

    -Americans love their local products such as videogames,tv shows,movies,music.While in Indonesia,most middle to upper class people love foreign products and culture.Especially if It's American,Japanese,Korean.

    -Most of the private transportation in USA are cars,while in Indonesia,most of them are mopeds and scooters.

    -Indonesia doesnt have a railway train or a subway,all they have is ojek (motorcycle taxi that drives dangerously),angkot (subcompact mpv which is like a public bus,but they can stop anywhere they want,even in the middle of the street),dirty polluted old buses,bajaj (a super tight 3 wheeled scooter-based car),and some illegal taxis 9except for blue bird group,express,silver bird,and some other taxi brands).

    -Indonesians have lower income,some only earns 50 cents for feeding up the whole family,middle class people earn $1000-$5000 per month.

    -Driving style is totally different from USA.Where in USA,the law of the road is very world class leading such as speed limits,the forbid of lane splitting (except in california),the forbid of tailgating,and the forbid of using shoulder lane for passing.While in Indonesia,most of the drivers are less educated and dont know how to commute well.They like to switch lane without caution,especially the motorcycles.They often convert a 2 lane road into 4 lanes !!! They're also very impatient.They honk during green light/orange light,they honk when you stop because there's someone crossing,they honk when you slow down because there's a speed bump.They're just being ignorant and impatient.they dont care if there's someone crossing or there's a speedbump,they just honk like a boss.They also often replace honk with beam flashing.They use shoulder lane for passing and usually they honk and get mad when they're being blocked.Motorcycles love travelling on the sidewalks (as in Indonesia,most mid-upper class prefer walking in the mall) during traffic jam.When you use signal lights,motorcycles will quickly gas up and cut your way.They also like to cut other lane when it's traffic jam.Usually drivers fight with each other to steal a lane.All they have in mind is going fast,they dont care about safety or other drivers' convenience.They become animals when it comes to driving.They also love to tailgate,you know,keeping the distance between bumpers really tight.Most Indonesians even make a fake driving license,this is why they have such a poor driving knowledge.If you hate driving,you can use the public transportation,but they suck.Walking outdoor is a nightmare in here.Most places in Indoensia dont even have a sidewalk,so sometimes you have to walk on dirty muds and wild grass and gravels.It's also unsafe.Most of the crimes occurred outdoor.Middle to upper class people are rarely seen walking outdoor.People are forced to buy a motorcycle/car because the outdoor facility sucks.

    -You can get cheap foods here which only costs around 10 cent-50 cent,but most of them are bad for your health.

    -While in USA they have african americans,they have chinese indonesians in here,and like in US,there's a discrimination.

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    Indonesia Cost Of Living

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    Asians & Westerns are different.

    Indonesians are more polite & not straightforward; the Americans are more open minded & rude.

    In the USA men can yell at women while in Indonesia it's considered ****** for men to yell at women.

    Indonesians are more patient compared to Americans, and cussing in public is rude in Indonesia while it's very ordinary in the USA.

    Racism in Indonesia is subtle while in the USA it's strongly shown.

    Punching in Indonesia is considered an extreme crime while in the USA is so ordinary, so if you punch someone in Indonesia you are going to jail which is going to cost your job & your future a lot, or you're going to pay the victim thousands of US dollars to avoid incarceration.

    American government & law enforcement are well managed while in Indonesia you need to bribe.

    The public transportation in Indonesia is terrible but in the USA is way better.

    Driving in Jakarta is hell while driving in the USA is nicer. To overcome traffic jam, try using a motorcycle in Jakarta, but use mask to overcome the pollution.

    Drinking is considered negative done by perverts/criminals/prostitutes in Indonesia while it's very commonly done in the USA.

    Likewise in any Asian countries, it's considered impolite to call people their first name, so you need to add Miss or Mister before their FIRST name (NOT their LAST name).

    Source(s): Been living in Jakarta for years.
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