Does anyone know who dies on Glee tonight?

There have been a lot of rumors, but I think that it's either Rachel's mom, Shelby, or Becky, Sue's assistant (the girl with down syndrome.) The information that I've been able to collect is this:

1. The person that dies is female.

2. It isn't anyone related to adults, they're mainly related to the kids.

3. They have already been introduced, and they're a "beloved" character.

4. Some rumors have said that this person has down syndrome, which makes us believe that it is Becky. But this isn't a solid source.

5. They have cast a woman to play Becky's mother, and someone to play a priest.

6. A major couple breaks up. I read that it's Finn and Quinn- he dumps her after he finds out that she slapped Rachel. I'm not sure if it's true or not.

7. It isn't anyone in the glee club, it's a relative or close friend.

8. It isn't Terri or Carol.

9. There are pictures of both Rachel and Quinn obviously completely distressed.

10. Quinn tries to quit the Glee Club and drag Finn down with her.

11. A picture has been released of the episode, and Becky is hugging Sue. If Becky dies, she is shown alive in at least part of it. But the main question here is- is Becky comforting Sue or is Sue comforting Becky?

12. The person is "one of McKinley's own"

13. There's a leak of the glee kids going to see April Rhodes' play. She either gets her play produced and dies, or stays alive, and preforms it, there's no way of knowing.

What do you guys think?

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  • 9 years ago
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    lol @ "died of ammonia"

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  • Sue's sister is the one who dies. She got pneumonia and died in her sleep. It was mentioned, literally, 2 minutes ago.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    It was sue's sister. she died at 50 of ammonia in her sleep so sadd

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