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Self esteem problem..?

Ever since I met this guy weve been together almost a year now and before I met him i felt good bout myself not jelous not low self esteem but lately ive been feeling so low bout my self esteem and how i look and whether someone is better .. just not feeling too good bout myself.. is there something i can do to start having a higher self esteem? He just makes me feel so low.. just need advice please.

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    First off, you need to evaluate your relationship. Someone who makes you feel this way is clearly the wrong person for you. I use to put people on a pedestal too. You need to learn to love your self, look inward and know your value as a human being. Find what makes you happy, and make sure that happiness isn't contingent on someone else.

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    Ditch him as it is doubtful this will change. Start volunteering for a charity or hospital. You will feel great satisfaction by helping others. You may meet someone there who will be supportive and make your self esteem improve.

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    My first tip to you is: love yourself ! You are very special your own way.

    Once you feel good about yourself, people will start to look at you with greater respect and confidence - that will in turn help you boost your self-esteem

    I suggest you take a look at this blog for great tips on how to improve your self-esteem.

    Check it out:

    Hope I've helped !

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