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abc letters for world war 2?

im doing an abc book for world war 2 andi need help on the following letters F, H, I, K, M, O, P, Q, R, S, U, V, X, Y, Z

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    f fuhrer, Fraulein Braun

    h Himmler, Hesse, Hiroshima

    i internment (camps), Italy, Iwo Jima

    k kama kazi, klaus barbie

    m Manhattan Project (making of the atom bomb)

    o Overlord (Allied invasion of Europe), Operation Fortitude (deceiving Germans about time and place of D-Day), Omaha beach

    p Pearl Harbor, POW, Potsdam

    q Queen Wilhelmina (of Holland)

    r Rommel, RAF, Roosevelt

    s Stalin, SS, stupak

    u u-boat, ultra, Utah beach

    v Vichy France, Von Ribbentrop (General)

    x X-plane

    y Yalta, yellow star

    z zylokon (gas), Zorba brothers (Hollywood set designers who helped with Operation Fortitude

    Sorry, my spelling may be off--no speak German!

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    A - Arsenal

    B - Bombs

    C - Catastrophe

    D - Doomsday

    E - Efforts

    F - Fear

    G - Guns

    H - Holocaust / Hitler

    I - Indescribable

    J - Just-plain-bad (^^^thanfully you don't need J^^^)

    K - Killing

    L - Loss

    M - Murder

    N - Nothing-left (like J...)

    O - Oppression

    P - Persecution

    Q - Quarrel

    R - Regretful

    S - Sinful

    T - Terrible

    U - Unforgivable

    V - Violent

    W - WW2

    X - Xtra-bad?

    Y - y-did-they-do-that?

    Z - Zebra (cause I like zebras)

    Source(s): sorry bout the last couple, hahaha. But I tried.
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