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Can u list a home For Sale By Owner FSBO on Yahoo real estate web site?

Or what sites do list FSBO for small $$? I'm going to take a big enough hit on the selling price without having to add another 6% or 7% loss paying a realtor. Searching for ways to get the most exposure than just a listing in the Sunday paper. With the market as, is I'm figuring on it may take up to a year to sell.

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    Yahoo now posts all of its real estate ads on a Zillow server. You can enter your home for sale on ( i don't work for them) for $39.99. Zillow has a free service called Make Me Move where your house is not officially for sale but you tell the world that you would sell if they offered this price.

    Your other chance is Craigslist which is free and gets lots of views.

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    Hi. Depends on the contract. If you signed up with them, they usually have a set amount of time to sell the house. If they just listed it for you and are not the selling agent, (usually disclosed at time of agreement), then you could, but you might have to still pay the listing fees. I would check your contract then contact the agent and tell him/her your situation and maybe they could bring down the commission since you found the buyer.... When we purchased a building, we had a friend who was a real estate agent and since we had already found the building, we had him do the paperwork and negotiated the commission.

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    You can list your home for sale quickly at

    I listed mine there, only took like 5 minutes :)

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