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Best way to thank my little league baseball team?

I am the head coach of the little league team in my town. They are 6-8 years old, and I would like to find some really extra cool way to thank them at the end of the season for playing so hard. I used to buy my teams medals, but that is getting old. I want something cool to either get each of them, or do something cool for them. Something more than just pizza or medals.

Can anyone give me some good advice?


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    1.The only thing I could come up with is this:Go to local dollar store and buy enough water guns for the whole team.Have a parent fill them and then pull them out,unannounced after a practice or a game.Add some water balloons and you will have a happy team. recommends personalizing the awards so there is one for each child.Base them on superheroes characteristics,such as speed,strength and agility.Name the awards after superheroes and present them to the players with their photo and a photo of the superhero.

    3.Try looking at to create a special trading pin for your team.They will help with the design.Low prices are guaranteed,the art work is free and they have design people to help with the design.Also if needed they have rush deliver in 5 days.I know this is not an end of the season thing,but it's some thing you and your team can be proud of the whole season.Ask parents to help with the cost.

  • Well, it depends on your budget. But how about taking them out to a local carnival or Chuck E. Cheese (or similar) place? This way, they get to eat AND have fun at the same time. ;) Or, hire a magician (ask them if they can do tricks with baseballs and bats) and put up a magic show in your backyard for the team. (I like Paul's idea of having a photo shoot for the team too.)

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    Not so sure is it good enough.

    Bring all of them to a photo session with nice suits, then make the photos into a nice album or printed into booklets for them to keep. Include in the booklet some nice motto you guys shared together and also words of encouragement for them. They probably at a point of time when they look back they will remember the great days they have together.

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    A Baseball cake. Cake is loved by everyone. Make sure to get half vanilla and half chocolate.

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    i am no expert on baseball seen as though i am english but try and book a player who plays for your local team or a legend. hope this helps

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