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Political Science Help Please :)?

Question 1: Compare and contrast the role of interest groups, political parties, other actors, and elections in typical state politics and Oregon politics. Is Oregon mostly similar to other states, or are things different here? Explain.

Question 2a: Compare and contrast the structures and functions of local governments in the typical state and Oregon (be sure to include a discussion of the various types of local governments). Do Oregon's local governments have more or less autonomy to make policy than local governments in most other states? Explain and cite examples.

b. Provide a real example of how local government affects your everyday life. How did this experience shape your perspective of the government in the community where you live? c. Joe and Joann Smith are new to the area, and they heard you are enrolled in a State and Local Government class. Relying on your expertise, they ask how an average citizen in your community (town or county) becomes involved in local government. What would you tell them? (It may be helpful to check city council and county government web pages or call your city councilors and/or county commissioners--be sure to cite all sources, including interviews).

Question 3: Discuss state and local government financial/budgeting processes. Be sure to describe both revenues and expenditures of state and local governments.

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    Really? ALL this???

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