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As information technology advances and teaching equipment updates and spread, teachers must know how to use information technology into teaching,let information technology as a tool or skill for teaching and learning

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    Following by the advance of technology and the innovation, popularity of teaching equipment, it's crucial that the contemporary teachers need to learn how to combine the technology with their teaching method in order to making the advanced technology become both a tool and skill of teachers and students as they are teaching and learning.

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    你的英文句子看來是直接用軟體翻譯的, 這樣的句子通常都有很多問題, 因為軟體只會搬字過紙.


    In the light of the development of technologies and the spreads of using technologies, a modern teacher requires to use ICT (老外把資訊科技叫作ICT: Information Computer Technologies) in teaching. Thus, ICT becomes a tool and a skill of a modern teacher.

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