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Whats the difference between cat years and human years?

My cat is [was] 15 years old and i have never known how old he was in human years i always went by dog years but i was sure it wasnt the same.

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    We sometimes speak of a cat's age in terms of human years just to get an idea how old is the cat if it was a human. Let's take an average human life span as 100 years (to keep our maths simple) and a cat's life span as 10 years. This means 1 year of a cat's age is equivalent to (100/10) = 10 years in human age. So, if a cat is 5 years old, this age is equivalent (5x10) = 50 years old in human age, or a middle-aged cat.

    To find out exactly what's is the cat age in human age, dog age, or whatever animal age, just google up the average life span of cat and the desired animal average life span, then do the math.

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    Feline Age Conversion ChartAs your pet ages, changes in behavior and physical condition will occur. Aging can be affected by many variables, including genetics, nutrition and environment. By understanding these changes in combination with your pet's needs, you can help provide your pet with the best quality of life. Below is a comparative chart to help relate your pet's age to human years.

    Weight (lb)

    Age 0-20

    1 7

    2 13

    3 20

    4 26

    5 33

    6 40

    7 44

    8 48

    9 52

    10 56

    11 60

    12 64

    13 68

    14 72

    15 76

    16 80

    17 84

    18 88

    19 92

    20 96

    21 100

    22 104

    23 108

    24 112

    25 116

    15 years old is 76 in cat years .mine is 11. i hope he is around till he is 15.

    Source(s): seeking medical info for my own cat, i came upon this conversion chart. it was from a reputable source. i cant remember the name. i saved the chart to my computer.
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    it is the way i've got heard it defined: the 1st 3 hundred and sixty 5 days of a cat's existence brings it to the equivalent of a youthful grownup - 25 years. After that, each 3 hundred and sixty 5 days of the cat's existence is kind of such as 5 years of a human's existence. subsequently, a ten-3 hundred and sixty 5 days-previous cat is such as twenty-5 + (10 - a million) x 5 = 70 human years.

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    A cat year = 365 days

    A man year = 365 days.

    A year is a year.

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